Toy Donations Delievered

The Owensboro Catholic family, community supporters, and Allen County – Scottsville supporters all chipped in and donated toys and cash to help people at Kosairs Children Hospital in Louisville, Kentucky. image image image.

Kristi and took our kids and the toys and dropped off the donations. While we were there we were able to see two of Jordan’s nurses during her time at Kosairs.

Thank you to everyone whom willingly and cheerfully donated to the kids and families at Kosairs



The Owensboro Catholic boys basketball team will be hosting a home game December 6th. In addition to admission we are asking people to donate a toy for a family at Kosairs Children’s Hospital.

Below is a video describing the event.

Happy 2nd Birthday


Today would have been Jordan Grace’s 2nd birthday. We wanted to acknowledge the day on her blog which we used to update many friends and family about her journey with HLHS.

Two years later and not a day goes by which she is not thought about in some way. It hasn’t been the easiest two years yet we still remain thankful to have had the time with her during her 114 days.

Kristi and I are thankful for the support from so many people. We give God praise even during times of grief and we look forward to the day in which we will be reunited in God’s Kingdom.

Matthew Jax Hayden

Matthew Jax Hayden is here!

I wanted to share the birth of our son on Jordan’s blog. We won’t use this blog as a forum to post about Jax but we wanted to share with great news this one time. I am sure Kristi and I will follow the trend of many current parents and post a million pictures of a our new baby on Facebook and Twitter!

But we did want to use the blog again for a few reasons. One year this week, July 12th, we will have said goodbye to our precious daugther Jordan Grace and yet a year later we proudly announce the birth of Matthew Jax. We choose the name Matthew Jax for several reasons. Matthew is my middle name and also my favorite book of the Bible. We will actually call him Jax but decided to use Matthew as the first name, so we could give him the initials MJ to honor his late sister Jordan Grace. I felt like the initials MJ honored her life since she was named after my favorite basketball player Michael Jordan.

I am sure many more pictures will follow soon but Kristi and I wanted to share the good news.

Matthew 6:33


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Happy Birthday Jordan Grace

1st birthday


With today being the first day of spring, it is fitting to have Jordan’s birthday on the same day.  Over the past 18 months Riley, Kristi, and I have adjusted to change or new seasons of life.  Going from adjusting to having a second child, to learning she had HLHS, watching her fight, and most recently learning how to deal with her passing.

Jordan may have only lived 114 days but we have a lifetime of memories with her and those that shared those days with her.  Rather than send individual messages to everyone who contacted us today, I thought I would post on her blog.  Kristi and I can not express how meaningful it is to us that so many people remembered her birthday.  The kind messages and prayers have been a vital part in allowing us to deal with her death.

We went to visit Jordan’s monument and released some balloons with Riley’s old pacifiers attached.  That was Riley’s gift to Jordan Grace.  We also lit a birthday cupcake and sang her happy birthday.

Today hasn’t been the easiest of days since her passing but I have thought about many of the memories we shared with her and our friends.  I was also reminded of the day after she passed away.  That afternoon a rainbow appeared in the sky and it reassured me of the promise God made with Noah and His people in Genesis 9.  The strongest thing which anchors our emotions in coping with Jordan’s loss is the promise we will be reunited with her one day and our Savior.

Again, we can’t thank everyone enough for the kind words and prayers.  With full hearts I say thank you on behalf of Kristi, Riley, and our families.


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Ask and you will receive

The response to the donations for Kosair has been absolutely amazing! I would say I am completely overwhelmed at this, but I am not at all surprised. I knew the people around this community have such loving and giving hearts and would jump at this opportunity. Tonight at Tamarack Elementary we had a craft night were several people came together to make the fleece tie blankets. Counting blankets that some people had already given me, we had about 30 all together and they are super cute! We have all different sizes and colors for babies, kids, and teenagers. I have some McDonald’s gift cards, books, puzzles, socks, toys, and baby items. I know there are several more people working on things. We have six stools that are currently being painted by a very special friend of mine. I have two baby swings, 3 bouncy seats, and a Bumbo seat. If you haven’t figured it out, this is going to take more than one truck to haul all of these things to Louisville. I am so excited to take all of this stuff because I know it is all sent with love in memory of Jordan. I am selfishly so glad to have this distraction when we walk back in that building for the first time because I know it will be emotional and hard. I have been in touch with our sweet nurses and I know they will be so glad to receive the goodies we are taking to them as well. I cannot thank everyone enough for everything once again. You are not only bringing some comfort to hurting families, but also helping this family heal a little more. Thank you for helping us make this such a great success! I will update with the final count of everything we are taking and with pictures. (Thanks to my mom for feeding our volunteers tonight!)

Everything collected and blankets made, just tonight!

Everything collected and blankets made, just tonight!

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